Burnout? Here are 6 Easy Ways to Destress at Home After a Long Day

What is stress?

In a medical context, stress is said to be a physical, mental or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension. It may be external or internal, and it can initiate the fight or flight response which is a complex reaction of neurologic and endocrinologic systems.

Two of the most common causes of stress is school and work. Spending over five hours on paperwork just to catch a deadline or sacrificing sleep to finish a report is usually the situation of students and employees everyday. There are days when we wish we could go back to being kids when a tiring day was just about having a whole day activity in school and decision making was just about being torn between making cookies with your mom or play outside with the other kids.

Now that we’re older, we just can’t help thinking that growing up really is a trap. School and work has become so stressful causing our health to be at risk. In order to keep our stress level at bay, here are easy ways to release the stress after a long day.



This is the first thing you should do if you want to decompress completely. Turn off your phone or put it on airplane mode and anything from the outside world. The silence of the phone alerts and email & social media  notifications will allow you to close your eyes for a while and feel the peace.



Speaking of shutting out the outside and the online world, focus on your own world and listen to yourself and your surroundings. Make sure you meditate in a serene place that will help you concentrate. Allow yourself to breathe and to think about nothing even just for a few minutes.

If things come into mind, just let it be. Acknowledge them, don’t force it out as this will disrupt your relaxing moment.


Do Yoga

Not only will you be able to burn calories and practice balance & flexibility, you will be able to focus on your stance so much that you won’t be able to think about what is stressing you out. After thinking about your boss, co-workers and the company the whole day, it’s good to leave some time for you to just focus on yourself.


Show some love

Nothing beats spending time with the ones you love and bonding with them through talking, eating, playing or watching a movie. Whether you live with family or a pet, it’s a great way to relieve stress and to keep your mind off work or school for a while. Love is what matters most than our work and sometimes we have to remind ourselves that.


Watch a movie

Netflix and chill anyone? Snuggle up in your blankets,  surround yourself with pillows, play a movie and enjoy! What else could be more stress relieving? Even just thinking about it got me wanting to home now.



If you’re not a movie type of person, why not read? Get lost in the imagination of another author through their novels that will keep you turning pages until you get sleepy. Try to get some light reads like a love story by Colleen Hoover or an inspiring novel by Mitch Albom.


The five ways mentioned above are just some easy go-to activities for you to forget about the stress. For sure different people have their own way for destressing. Depends on what their hobbies are, some choose to bake when they’re stressed or some people drive at night to get some fresh air. How about you, what is your favorite way to release stress?