Shaping a Good Health Habit: 3 Healthy Pasta You Can Enjoy

People who are in a diet try their hardest to avoid pasta because they are high in calories. But there are pasta lovers out there who also want live a healthy lifestyle but also enjoy their favourite dish, so worry no more, here are 5 pasta dishes we can all enjoy without the guilt of eating too much calories. Plus they are healthy!


1) CAULIFLOWER MAC AND CHEESE – Okay you had me at mac and cheese there, but this isn’t your ordinary mac and cheese, ladies and gentlemen! This mac and cheese is very much healthier since it has less fat, fewer calories and veggies are involved but you might not really notice since it’s still the same cheesy and creamy mac and cheese that we love so much even as a kid. Speaking of kids, this is also one sneaky way to let them eat the veggies they need to grow strong. Just mix 2-3 cups cauliflower into the mac and cheese, cook the mac and cheese like how we all know it should be cooked but the cauliflowers are there, unnoticeable but already part of a famous meal not only for kids but adults alike. Now that’s how you live healthy but also enjoy to eat what you want.

2) LOW FAT ALFREDO SAUCE – Another fave of mine is alfredo pasta, I’ll admit that this is so addicting and easy to cook. But this alfredo sauce is healthier and not heavy in the tummy! Instead of the usual heavy cream we use for the sauce of alfredo pasta, low-fat milk is used as substitute for a healthier alfredo pasta. Ever notice how heavy normal alfredo pasta is in the tummy? Well that’s because of the heavy cream used to have that creamy alfredo pasta we all love. But using low-fat milk as substitute for heavy cream is much lighter to take in. So gotta enjoy that alfredo pasta we all love so much!

3) PESTO ZUDLES ( zucchini noodles) – Now this is the healthiest pasta I ever heard, your noodles are made of vegetables! Talk about a very healthy lifestyle. Pesto can pretty much blend with any food you mix it with, here it is mixed with zucchini noodles, put in ample amount of parmesan, 2-3 leaves of fresh basil, olive oil, 1 smashed garlic cloves, salt and freshly ground black pepper. Now you can enjoy a very healthy and delicious pasta meal without a hint of guilt eating so much.


There are a lot of healthy recipes out there, I know, but these 3 can helpfully help you in your diet and healthy lifestyle while still enjoying your favourite pasta meal. So go ahead and give them a try and you will be surprised at how delicious they actually are.