Do You Own a Small Business? Here’s Some Marketing Tips in 2018 Which You Should Know

When you want to grab people’s attention to your new store or small business you usually put up a sign, stock your shelves with great products and make sure that your shop will be easy to navigate. The same goes for your website too.

With search engine optimization (SEO), you can grab your target market’s attention. SEO can make your website Google-friendly. This way people will see you on top of Google’s search result, click it and land on your company website. From there, they can navigate around to see your products and services. They can even make a purchase on your website in just a few clicks.

In a sense, it seems to be easy. However, the changing algorithms make it tough for many small business owners who are just starting out with SEO so there will be a need to hire an expert in search engine optimization to help out.

Otherwise, you can digest initial information about the basics of SEO to understand the whole thing and then find affordable small business SEO service.

When you have too much to do to grow your small business operations, you will not have enough time to study SEO and every algorithm Google throws your way. So here are the newest Google updates you have to know.

Pop-up penalties

Pop-ups used to be the domain for ads. However, this is also where scammers offer their own clickbait ads. Google began noticing that the pop-up ads are giving a negative user experience that it began punishing sites that use pop-ups.

There are three types of mobile pop-ups Google: pop-up that covers the main content, a pop-up-like design that you have to scroll past to get to the content, and a pop-up that the user has to dismiss before seeing the content.

Mobile-first index

When Google determines the rank of a website, it will look at your mobile site first. It only looks at the desktop site if there is no mobile version. You have to make sure your site is mobile-ready. Ideally, it must load within 2 seconds. Remember that most people do not like waiting.

Your title and description must be short, use HTML5, include all the important information on your mobile site, and make sure your text fits the screen. Your user mustn’t need to zoom in your webpage.


HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. On the other hand, HTTP means HyperText Transfer Protocol. URLs that begin with “https” means that the information in that website is protected from potential hacking activities.

If your website does not have this, Google will send a message to your web visitors that your site is not safe. This can scare off a lot of your potential traffic.